Production Facility:

  • ISO 9001:2008 and DBT certified lab with highly sterile environment.
  • The lab has class1000 rooms maintaining laboratory sterility.
  • Sterilization Room with UV sterilization device that produce brief pulse of intense UV light that penetrates the cell walls of viruses, bacterium, fungi and mold.
  • Plant Inoculation Room (PIR), fully air conditioned with automated control of light and temperature.
  • Growth Rooms with Temperature and Humidity control. Air Conditioned Growth Rooms and air handling system incorporated with 5 micron filters of class 100000 as per US federal standard 209B.
  • Acclimatization of Tissue culture raised plants- NAL has 3 force ventilated green house (1000 sq. mt each) with evaporative, cooling, misting and shading equipments for hardening of tissue culture raised banana and cultivation of exotic and grafted plantlets.
  • NAL has 1 acre of shade house for hardening of plants.


Greenhouse Features:

  • Provided with a fan and pad in order to maintain a controlled growing environment for the plants.
  • Special purpose fans to draw air into the greenhouse through high-efficiency cooling pads made from high surface area ribbons of cellulose fibre.
  • Humidity is controlled by an elaborate system of foggers.
  • Fertigation is implemented by an efficient drip-irrigation system.