1. Vardhak VAM: A soil based biological biofertilizer containing spores, infected roots and propagules of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi. Effect Of Product Use: Increases uptake of phosphorous and zinc, improves crop growth, enhances nitrogen fixation, imparts disease and pest resistance to plants and conditions the soil.

2. Vardaan Azotobacter: A liquid nitrogenous biofertilizer, which directly provides nitrogen to plants from atmosphere. Effect Of Product Use: Secrete various growth promoting hormones like IAA, gibberellic acid, cytokinins & vitamins which promote seed germination and increases vigor of the plant. It maintains the N,P and K nutritional balance in soil and improve soil fertility.

3. Vardaan Azospirillum: A liquid nitrogenous bio-fertilizer, which directly provides nitrogen to plants from root associations. Effect Of Product Use: Increases the percentage of germination, induces vigorous root growth in early plant stands and provides immunity against soil borne fungal infection.

4. Vardaan PSB: A liquid phosphatic biofertilizer, which converts the insoluble inorganic phosphate in the soil to soluble form and makes it available to plant. Effect Of Product Use: Encourages early root development, hastens maturity, stimulates formation of healthy seeds and helps in the rapid cell development in plants.

5. Vardaan Rhizobium: A liquid nitrogenous biofertilizer which provides nitrogen to plants from the atmosphere by symbiotic associations with plant roots. Effect Of Product Use: Increases germination and yield, induce vigorous growth in the early plant stand, improves the immunity of plants against soil borne fungal pathogens, secretes anti- fungal metabolites and protects the roots from pathogenic fungal infestation.


1. Kavach Bt: An effective biological larvicide/fungicide based on Bacillus thuringiensis Effect Of Product Use: Targets pests like caterpillars, weevils, leafhoppers, bugs, grubs and leaf-feeding insects.

2. Kavach Trichoderma: An eco-friendly biological fungicide that protects the seedlings from attack by soil borne pathogens. Effect Of Product Use: Enhances yield along with quality of produce, boosts germination rate and increases the root and shoot length.

3. Kavach Pseudomonas: A biological fungicide based on pseudomonas fluorescens which is highly active on root and stem rots, sheath blights/leaf spots, mildews and other fungal diseases. Effect Of Product Use: Suppresses plant diseases by production of number of secondary metabolites including antibiotics, siderophores and hydrogen cyanide.

4. Kavach Verticillium: A biological insecticide based on naturally occurring Entomo-pathogenic fungus Verticillium lecanii Effect Of Product Use: Effective against whiteflies, thrips, aphids and mealy bugs.

5. Kavach Azadirachtin: A biological insecticide containing Azadirachtin which has the capacity to repel and act as an antifeedent to insects. Effect Of Product Use: Prevents insects from sucking or eating plant parts.


    1. Banana
    2. Gerbera


Banana And Gerbera Tissue Culture

Tissue Culture is a more effective and productive method of large scale cultivation of plants for commercial purpose.

Uniform, healthy and best quality plants which are free from pests and diseases are produced by latest Tissue Culture Technology and Supervision. 

Neesa is having a state of the art production facility which is designed to the international standards of excellence for class 10,000 and class 100,000 as per US Federal Standards 209B.Neesa Tissue Culture Lab is certified by Department Of Biotechnology (DBT) and ISO 9001:2008 and offers high quality tissue culture plantlets.